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Soundscape VR is the musical metaverse, home of hyper-immersive visual arts and sound experiences.  Listen, fly, explore, dance, create, paint, and play in the future of music, today.  Lose yourself alone or with friends in vast surreal worlds of breathtaking beauty that shatter the limits of possibility.

Also functioning as a 24/7 VR music festival, meet up with friends and other music lovers from across the globe face-to-face in audio-reactive fantasy worlds brought to life by music. Level up and earn rewards to customize your avatar and uniquely identify yourself in a next-gen concert experience. Choose between enjoying special Artist Experience listening parties, User-created mixes, Synchronized playlists, Artist Link live worldwide tours, or ANY music you want to play in this mind-melting audio-visual feast for the senses.

Soar through Spectra Dash, Soundscape's game mode, in a fast-paced test of agility where you shoot and slice your way through the interactive venues to your favorite songs, competing solo or with friends to see who can cause the most destruction. There are no beatmaps to be made, no limited songs to choose from, play any music you want from Beethoven to Skrillex and everything works automatically!

Soundscape VR's innovation has led to the creation of two other advanced pieces of technological art - SVR LIVE and Sound(E)scape. SVR LIVE is the world's first mixed reality live stage, an award-winning art installation first debuted at Burning Man 2017. Designed for art galleries and music festivals, SVR LIVE takes the Soundscape experience to the next level by blending community, live music, and virtual art into a mesmerizing shared experience. Soundscape VR is also proud to present Sound(E)scape - a new application of our art currently being used at the forefront of research into the healing power of VR used in a therapeutic setting. Both of these modes are available to license for use by professionals.

In a world where unsavory tech companies are increasingly using you as a product, we feel compelled to mention that even though Soundscape VR is free for all non-commercial users, we do not sell any of your data, period. We're extremely focused on user privacy, and so pleased that you're here with us to enjoy this music revolution. We've carried our community-driven ethos forward every day for over 7 years, thanks for making Soundscape shine so brightly as the antithesis to the social media dystopia created by the mega-corporations of today. With hundreds of free updates already since launch, we'll never stop improving SVR for you and your friends; always made by music lovers, for music lovers.

Be sure to check out our Discord at to join in with the Soundscape music community to discover new music, new friends, plus all our latest announcements for upcoming shows.


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Soundscape VR
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